Velvet Bikini new trend, would you wear it?

Thanks to a 90s revival, velvet bikini trend are back in fashion and now the fabric has moved from dresses and tops to swimwear. With the rise of velvet bikinis popularity, even celebrities can’t get enough of them!

Many swimwear companies like , Devocean Swimwear, Adriana Degreas, Karla Colletto  and Frankies Bikinis are now making velvet swimwear. But are they as flattering as a normal lycra Bikini?

Since this days the velvet used for swimwear production is composed of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, they are as comfortable as a normal bikini, the only difference would be that they might take a little longer to dry after a swim. A four-way stretch will give you the best functionality.

Velvet bikini by Devocean Swimwear
Velvet bikini by Devocean Swimwear – Model @dancinpenny
Triangl Velvet bikini Model @candicehalliday
Triangl Velvet bikini Model @candicehalliday

The velvet bikini styles vary but most of them are triangle tops and have a brazilian to small moderate coverage, some brands like Triangl offer more than one kind of velvet bikini designs for you to choose from.

Frankies Velvet Bikini
Frankies Velvet Bikini

With Kylie Jenner backing the trend, something tells us this won’t be the last we hear of velvet bikinis this year…

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