Crochet Swimwear Patterns

All crochet patterns are instant downloads in a PDF file format. 
The Designs are unique and made specially for Creative Swimwear magazine. 

Also make sure you have everything you need to start your crochet bikinis here:
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5 best Yarns for Crochet Bikini projects

Swimwear News & Inspiration

Best yarns to work with ADDI/Sentro knitting machine

I just bought a Sentro Knitting machine to make knitted crop tops for summer and I've been testing a lot of yarn with it...
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Crochet applique trend summer 2022

Crochet daisies and hearts are in every piece of crochet you can think about this year, from jackets to wallets and bikinis, crochet this year is very colorful and full of life.
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The Micro Bikini trend and Crochet bikinis

As the weather warms, we look towards the new season swimwear trends (and wonder what we will be wearing on tropical holidays when that day finally comes). It seems Karens reprimanding girls on the beach about the ‘decency’ of their swimwear are …
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Crochet checkered bikini top! Kylie crochet bikini

I just posted on YouTube a new tutorial of how to make a checker mosaic crochet top, bottom is coming soon !
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Pandawa Crochet Bikini tutorial on Youtube

I have created this bikini in 2016 and now I’m finally sharing to all of you that love making bikini designs by hand! For this bikini we will be using fixation yarn by Cascade or you can use a normal …
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Learn to make crochet with Lycra Bikini – Free pattern

Have you ever imagined you could make any swimwear you dream at home? So I just posted a new tutorial on my youtube channel Creative Swimwear, where I will teach you all the steps to make crochet with lycra bikini. …
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