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Crochet applique trend summer 2022

Crochet daisies and hearts are in every piece of crochet you can think about this year, from jackets to wallets and bikinis, crochet this year is very colorful and full of life.
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The Micro Bikini trend and Crochet bikinis

As the weather warms, we look towards the new season swimwear trends (and wonder what we will be wearing on tropical holidays when that day finally comes). It seems Karens reprimanding girls on the beach about the ‘decency’ of their swimwear are …
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Crochet checkered bikini top! Kylie crochet bikini

I just posted on YouTube a new tutorial of how to make a checker mosaic crochet top, bottom is coming soon !
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Pandawa Crochet Bikini tutorial on Youtube

I have created this bikini in 2016 and now I’m finally sharing to all of you that love making bikini designs by hand! For this bikini we will be using fixation yarn by Cascade or you can use a normal …
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Learn to make crochet with Lycra Bikini – Free pattern

Have you ever imagined you could make any swimwear you dream at home? So I just posted a new tutorial on my youtube channel Creative Swimwear, where I will teach you all the steps to make crochet with lycra bikini. …
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Crochet Bikini pattern tutorial now on YouTube

I’ve been working on my Youtube Channel and creating tutorials of my previous designs for my brand Devocean Swimwear . I created this bikini in 2015 and it went viral on Instagram after one of the girls I gave the …
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About Me

About Me

fabi correa creative swimwear

Creative swimwear was created by the designer Fabi Correa with the intention of sharing all the information that the same incorporated with the years and experience in creating bikinis and swimsuits with a creative differential, and also from the difficulty I encountered in looking for information on how to create, draw and find trends in swimwear and crochet in one place.
Creative Swimwear is a blog with information of everything related to swimwear and crochet, besides care tips, colors, trends, production and design.
My intention with this blog is to help people who own brands of small and homemade swimwear, or also those who are thinking of risking on the startup of their own brand but don’t know where to start.
For the design of any product, it is very important to think outside the box, and also draw inspiration from different places and products and other areas of fashion with the intention of creating innovation in the area, with this website you will learn how and where I look for inspiration to design differentiated products.
Inspiration comes from everywhere!
Also a bimonthly magazine with recipes of the best selling bikinis at the moment, tips on best beaches and shooting times, pattern design tips and how to make your own prints will be available to complement the blog.
You can also choose from the various crochet patterns available to make your own bikinis and swimsuits and have your own business.
I hope you enjoy the patterns they are created by me and made with lots of love for all my readers!

Fabi Correa
Happy Making !