Crochet Bikini Size Guides

I created this size guides because I get a lot of people asking me how to know what size to make to each different person.

So first of all, everytime I sell a bikini through Etsy, and this is my shop: I ask for the person full measurements, and this includes their Bra size and Cup size, it’s very important to know the cup size for the top because you can have a person with a 32 inches Bra but a size D cup and so they would be a size large in this case. One more thing that I always ask is the measurement of their butt, and that has to be made right on top of the fullest part of the hips, not close to the waistline, and the reason why is because you need to know how big you need to make your crochet bikini so the person can actually wear it! But in case you are not too sure, another option is ask for a photo of your customer, or in last case make the sides of your bikini with a few more inches adding a few stitches or rows on the sides of your piece!

For this reason I created 3 different size guides, that you can print or draw yourself on a paper to follow while you are making your swimsuits. They all include the full set, top and bottom.

Also make sure you have everything you need to start your crochet bikinis here:
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5 best Yarns for Crochet Bikini projects

So this is the chart for measurements and sizes, inside the guides I’m using S – M – L:

crochet bikini sizing
S = 2-4
M = 6-8
L = 10
S = A/B
M = C
L = D

If you need to make larger sizes, keep increasing on the same proportion that you have from a M to a L inside the Pattern guides.