Agua Clara runaway show 2019

Love the print designs and the swimwear cuts, Agua Clara new collection can be seen on youtube. The collection Jungla Natural has many beaded tops with gorgeous beads and details, that can be used as an inspiration for your own bikini designs.

Agua Clara is a Peruvian brand that has been creating stunning swimwear for 25 years. Owned by Liliana & Jorge Villalobos, Two siblings sharing the dream of their own business that today, have become a reference of style and quality in the global market.

Agua Clara Website:

Crochet One Piece Swimwear Inspiration

If you are ready to start a new project and don’t know where to find inspiration to make a new crochet one piece swimwear design, here is a gallery of one pieces both old school and brand new designs just on the catwalk. The beauty of a handmade one piece is it’s see through stitches, mostly used on the belly part and chest. Adding some tassels to your design can give it a little glamour, also square crochet pieces can …

New Luli Fama Swimwear 2018 collection

Luli fama has just released her new swimwear collection for 2018, it’s full of colors like always really well combined, beautiful prints mixing leopard prints and flowers, and lace up tops in different styles. The dresses and cover-ups have a lot of lace fabrics mixed in gold and white, and they are beautifully combined with beach style jewelry. The one pieces lace up are stunning pieces that can also be used as a beach party outfit. Born in Cuba and …

Where to find swimwear fabric print inspiration?

Before you start creating your own swimwear fabric print for your brand, it is important to do market research and trends in swimwear and fabric printing. In this trend survey, you can include fashion magazines such as Elle Magazine, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, in addition to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit which is a special edition only on swimwear.

Velvet Bikini new trend, would you wear it?

Thanks to a 90s revival, velvet bikini trend are back in fashion and now the fabric has moved from dresses and tops to swimwear. With the rise of velvet bikinis popularity, even celebrities can’t get enough of them! Many swimwear companies like , Devocean Swimwear, Adriana Degreas, Karla Colletto  and Frankies Bikinis are now making velvet swimwear. But are they as flattering as a normal lycra Bikini? Since this days the velvet used for swimwear production is composed of 90% …