Sentro Machine 48 pattern Top using panels

With this project using the Sentro machine 48 needles, I wanted to show you how easy it is to join and sew panels with a more detailed part made with crochet.
For you who still don’t crochet, the stitches I used are very easy and ideal for beginners.

For this Sentro machine 48 pattern, I used the panel option and all possible needles, which are 43, the final size was a M.
In the video I explain how to make the same piece for a size S.
It consists of two panels, one for the front and one for the back that are sewn and finished with crochet, after making the panels, I started the crochet part, using the 6mm hook and the 12 PLY thread that I put in the link below.

This project turned out super fast because I used long double crochets, a stitch that is rarely used, but makes any project much faster to execute, in addition to being super economical in the use of thread.
Below is the video link, please leave me your comment as it helps me in Youtube searches.

If you still thinking of buying your Sentro machine, I recommend, it’s fast and easy and you can use most yarns. Here is a link for the best yarns to use with it !

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