Sentro Machine crop top pattern!

When I first bought the Sentro knitting machine, I was testing every yarn I could possibly get, and this yarn that I use to make this top worked really well with the machine, even tough this is a summer and light yarn I think the final result was really nice.

In this tutorial I also teach how to decrease stitches to shape the armholes and the top itself, you have to check on my Youtube tutorial i’m linking bellow. So this top took me around one hour to make, yes … incredibly fast, because it only consists of two panels and a simple crochet finish at the end, if you are new to crochet, don’t worry I’m only using basic stitches like Chains and Single Crochet, but I would advise you to learn if you are using the Sentro machine because it will make your life much easier to finish your projects.

So here is the video, I hope you enjoy and the links for the suggested yarn are on the video description, so make sure you subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment there, I always like to know how did you go making my patterns!

Click here for the PDF version!

This is the link to purchase your knitting machine if you haven’t got one yet!

Hope you enjoy it, with love Fabi !