Inspirational Bikinis that mix different production techniques

Nowadays with the development of the materials used to produce a bikini, it is possible to develop shapes and fabrics mixes to create differentiated designs. Some of the most used and very fashionable techniques to stylize and enhance the pieces are crochet and macrame. Many designers have been developing different techniques of fitting these bikinis.

indah macrame bikini
Bikini entirely made with macrame technique by Indah

Bikinis with macrame use have been used for a few years by the best-known brands in the swimwear industry. The macrame used for bikinis is made with cuts of the lycra itself, which has the same elasticity of the rest of the product. The use of braids on the sides is simple to produce and is very beautiful in the final piece, valuing and giving one more detail in the bikini.
There are still, as in the picture below, bikinis made entirely of macrame, one of the pioneer brands in the use of only lycra macrame in the whole piece is Indah Swimwear.

Crochet detailing and finishing of bikinis has also been widely used by various brands. One of the brands that started blending crochet with lycra or neoprene is which mixes elastic, cotton and neoprene to create super differentiated bikinis that are currently popular and are part of the collection of most brands of swimwear. One thing to take care of is the choice of cotton and also the junction of the same to the lycra, because the cotton doesn’t offer the same elasticity of the other materials. It is also possible to make crochet from lycra cuts and this is another differential that designers can work with.

agua bendita swimwear
Agua Bendita ads crochet to its new 2017 collection



Besides these two most used techniques , there are still many others, such as embroidery and patchwork that would be the blending or overlapping of different lycra prints for the assembly of the tops and bottoms. A company that makes a marvelous blend of prints, completely differentiated in colors and patterns, is the Colombian brand Maaji Swimwear, probably one of the most creative brands in the market today.

Another very modern technique that generates wonderful final results is the laser cutting, many brands use this to imitate crochet results, that is an extra transparency in the piece with the purpose of making it more sexy or sensual by the localized transparencies and Of geometric shapes. Probably one of the techniques that provides the best result considering production time. Crochet and macrame techniques increase production time by being exclusively manual so far.

Laser cut one piece by Beach Riot
Laser cut one piece by Beach Riot

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