How to fix a Sentro knitting machine to any table and knit faster!

So I bought my sentro machine a few months ago, and I have done a few projects with it that I shared on my Youtube Channel. I know you are going to say “Hey, this is a swimwear website!” , but as a creative person, I couldn’t help but making a few winter designs, as it was getting cold in Australia when I got it.

So for all this months I’ve been looking online and in a few youtube channels for a solution to fix my Sentro machine to a table, so I could actually work hands free and also feed the yarn with my hands as well, not having to hold the machine while I was working.

So today, my partner had an old clock new glass made, the old one was a bad clear acrylic cut and it wasn’t looking that good. So he got the new piece and I thought to myself, I’m going to try this acrylic piece underneath my machine and see if the suction cups work, and THEY DID. Then I placed it on my table with 2 clamps to fix the acrylic piece on the table, and the magic was done…. It worked so well and I’m so happy that after all this months looking for a solution, it came like out of the blue! Don’t you love when this things happen?

So I posted a video with my solution on YouTube if you want to check, this is the video!

Also make sure you have a look at my sentro patterns here!

You can buy your sentro machine here:

Hope that helps all the sentro Knitters!

With Love from Fabi