Crochet applique trend summer 2022

Crochet daisies and hearts are in every piece of crochet you can think about this year, from jackets to wallets and bikinis, crochet this year is very colorful and full of life.

I’m loving making new designs because I love colors in my work, so this summer I’ve been inspiring myself on all this beautiful and amazing work that I find on Pinterest, you can follow me there to see all the crochet projects I get my inspiration from!

So I created a playlist with crochet decorations or appliques you can use on your crochet projects too, here on my YouTube Channel, make sure you subscribe to my channel to help me keep creating new tutorials for you there!

All my appliques are made with 100% cotton yarn that you can buy on this link at Amazon and a 2.1mm crochet hook, I advise you to work with tulip or metal hooks for swimwear if you’re thinking of experimenting the art of crochet with lycra , I have a few crochet patterns with lycra as well !

Because swimwear needs fast drying it’s important to work with light weight yarns and also use swimwear lining I like the one I linked in the nude color!

So make sure you visit my channel to see how this crochet appliques are made, I’ll be posting more videos every week, and you can make any of my patterns and sew appliques on them as well, so there’s plenty of options for this summer to create.

If you are just starting to make swimwear, I have a few videos on YouTube explaining the basics, best material and how to grade your bikinis to every size you need, check it out!

Hope you enjoy my work, leave a comment on my videos, see you in my channel!

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