New Crochet Bikini pattern tutorial on youtube channel

Hi guys, I’m happy to share with you my first youtube video tutorial for the crochet bikini Mahina or sand dollar. It would be awesome if you could hit the subscribe button, watch it and comment your thoughts about it, that will be really important for my next video!

This first video I’m sharing on youtube for free because I need your review, they were made at my quarantine in Darwin – Australia, so I had no production set or anything only a small camera. The next patterns I will be sharing on my Patreon page, so you’re very welcome to sponsor me so I can keep making video tutorials of my crochet bikini designs.

I have a lot planned for the future I want to include beach bags, and beach wear in general, also I’m thinking of clothes customization with crochet, from dresses to t-shirts and skirts, all of them to wear at the beach.

So I hope you enjoy it, subscribe to my Patreon page and youtube channel and help me keep doing this amazing creative work that I Love!


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