Agua Clara runaway show 2019

Love the print designs and the swimwear cuts, Agua Clara new collection can be seen on youtube. The collection Jungla Natural has many beaded tops with gorgeous beads and details, that can be used as an inspiration for your own bikini designs.

Agua Clara is a Peruvian brand that has been creating stunning swimwear for 25 years. Owned by Liliana & Jorge Villalobos, Two siblings sharing the dream of their own business that today, have become a reference of style and quality in the global market.

Agua Clara Website:

Indah Swimwear 2017 Collection

Indah Swimwear Is… an enigma. beautiful, exotic and genius. made by hand and created with love. known for climbing trees for the fruit. And the view. perfume that smells of Kauai. dreaming in Balinese. conversing with sirens. powerfully gentle. flying with dolphins. a rock star and a diplomat. hair loose and unfettered. a force to be reckoned with. For women who want to sing their own song. leaving men wanting. golden skin and a pirate’s smile. going commando. a flower …

Devocean Swimwear New Collection

Devocean Swimwear was inspired by a non ending search for the perfect crochet bikini to enjoy the sun, ocean and sand. It’s handcrafted for the inspired woman who has a passion for life and loves the summer and the mermaid life style. We design only one-of-a kind swimwear, and the way it should fit. The sexy Brazilian cut swimwear aligned with the crochet lacing, that’s handmade with love for a quality and comfortable bikini, not only looks beautiful but also …