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Agua Clara runaway show 2019
Love the print designs and the swimwear cuts, Agua Clara new collection can be seen on youtube. The collection Jungla Natural has many beaded tops with gorgeous beads and details, that can be used as...
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Luli Fama runway show Miami 2019
As a brazilian and a designer, I personally love Luli Fama swimwear, the bikini designs have a small and sexy coverage and the prints are fabulous. The new collection has a lot of paisley prints, which are also my favorites,  tie up tops and also off shoulders that look gorgeous. There are also some geometrical prints and laces on swimsuits.
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How to draw a swimwear design and apply a pattern print on Photoshop
If you have a small swimwear line and wonder how can you see that print you love on the style of bikini or onepiece you want to produce, here are a few steps of how to do it on Photoshop in a very simple way.
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Macrame bikini designs that you will love
Swimwear designers began incorporating macrame into swimsuits and bikinis a few years ago, with the intention of adding differentiated details to the pieces.
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Crochet One Piece Swimwear Inspiration
If you are ready to start a new project and don't know where to find inspiration to make a new crochet one piece swimwear design, here is a gallery of one pieces both old school...
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New Luli Fama Swimwear 2018 collection
Luli fama has just released her new swimwear collection for 2018, it's full of colors like always really well combined, beautiful prints mixing leopard prints and flowers, and lace up tops in different styles. The...
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